A few thoughts

First, I’ve noticed that I have a habit of posting “Part 1” entries, and never finishing them. Oops. So, this is just going to be a bit of an update.

I started the new job in June, classes started in August. I’ve been there just over 4 months now, and I’m loving it. I’ve helped get a board gaming club going at the high school, and I’ve started hosting events every two weeks at the local public library. It’s still a bit slow going, but it at least lets me teach a few games.

Betty’s growing so fast. She’s babbling, crawling at lightspeed, and pulling herself up on things to stand up. Two teeth, with more on the way.

My third anniversary is coming up in a few days, but we won’t be able to celebrate it until the weekend. Not sure what we’re going to do yet, but I’m sure it’ll be something fun.

My game design projects are stalled. The new job has kept me busy, and I don’t spend much time after work on a PC. Hopefully I can get back to them soon, but if not, so be it.

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