Four Years

Jamie and I have been together for around eight years.  As of today, we’ve been married for four.  It is the longest relationship I’ve ever been in, or ever will be.  We’ve been through a lot, and we’ve weathered it beautifully.

We’ve seen a lot of friends come and go.  Kent, Amanda, Jaclyn, and more.  And we’ve come and gone, as well.  Leaving behind Kevin, Amelia, Randy, Robert, and many others.  I uprooted her when we first got together, bringing her to Vincennes, and we uprooted again last year, and now we’re where she grew up.  To our friends that we’re not around anymore, we miss you.

Since we married, we’ve discovered new things that we like, remodeled our house, brought an amazing little girl into the world, brought my mother into our household (twice technically), changed jobs, passed our business on to new hands, moved, said goodbye to our boys (the dogs), changed vehicles, had our hearts broken, moved again, tried to sell our old house (still trying, and folks, it’s a bargain.  Call me) and are now preparing greet our son, as he joins our family.

It’s been an amazing rollercoaster, and no, it’s not all been shiny-happy, but I wouldn’t change a single thing.

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