Holidays and Family (or vice-versa)

I’ve said it all before, I’m sure.  I didn’t grow up with a large extended family, and even after meeting the rest of my family, it was a long time before I ever really got close to any of them.   Jamie came into my life nearly 9 years ago.   I can’t even count the ways that she’s made my life better, but I can certainly appreciate them.

One of the things that could almost be considered a side effect of becoming a part of her life is that I now have this large extended family, that likes to get together frequently, sometimes in small groups, but usually in medium to large groups.  It took me a while to adjust to that, and I may never completely adjust to it, I think it has helped bring me out of my introverted shell.

I’ll probably always be quiet, but since we moved up here, it has become a lot easier to carry on casual conversations with friends, colleagues and family, and I think having this family is a big part of that.

This will probably be the last Christmas we have where we don’t decorate heavily.  We have a small tree, and some decorations, but next year, we’re going to need to go all out with the festivities, I think.  It will probably be the first Christmas that Betty will remember as she grows up.

I didn’t make a post at Thanksgiving time, as I generally don’t think to tell other people what I’m thankful for, but I’m thankful for a lot of things.  I’m thankful for my wonderful wife, who’s probably trying (and failing) to sleep well while I write this.  My wish for her this Christmas is a few good nights of sleep.  I’m thankful for my mother, who made the last legs of our journey with us, and has stood by us daily.  I’m thankful to my new(ish) extended family, who have helped us get to (and stay) where we are.  I’m thankful for my daughter; she makes me smile no matter how crazy my day has been. And I’m thankful for my son, whom I can’t wait to meet.

Sorry this has been kinda rambl-y.  I’ve just had several little things on my mind, and tonight I really just wanted to get some of them out.

4 thoughts on “Holidays and Family (or vice-versa)”

  1. Well said son, I think you have expressed kind of the way I feel also. It’s been a big change for all of us, but a good one. Takes time to get completely adjusted to thel change, but well worth it. This is an amazing family to be part of, and I am enjoying every day of it. Hopefully next Christmas we will be more settled in and able to go all out on the season.

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