So many things

A lot has happened since my last post.  Almost all of it is good, but some of the good is private, so I won’t be talking about it here.

I’ll hit a few of the main things, though.  Our son, William Edward, was born on February 9.  It was a bit of a dangerous thing, and I’ll just say that I think his namesake was watching out for us. Our daughter is now communicating in full sentences, and is very inquisitive and silly.

We’ve taken our first steps toward buying a house, and moved just last week.   We now have a roommate, a good friend who recently started a job here in town.  I also now have a new “Library” that’s not in a basement!  My decorated mantle is featured above.

One of my best friends lost his mother while he was hospitalized.  I felt terrible that he couldn’t be with her, and that I couldn’t do anything for either of them from here.

I’ve dived back into game design, and am working on a couple of releases for PC and Tablets.  I started a GoFundMe to help pay for the tools I need to do so, and have learned that I have some very good friends.  I’ve started a game programming club at the high school where I work, I’ll update with how that goes.

Once again, I’m going to try to get back to blogging regularly, but there are so many things going on about that I can’t easily talk about, it’s hard to fill a blog with other things.  Ah well.  All things in time.


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