Day 03 – Brief

The U.E.C. colonies are a collection of city-states on planets, moons and asteroids in the Sol and neighboring systems. While a few of the planets and one moon were subjected to terraforming that have made them habitable, it was discovered that the terraforming experiments had a significant impact on the orbits of the planets. Deeming further experimentation too dangerous, the remaining colonies have been developed using sealed biospheres either on or within the world. The terraformed worlds are now known as the Core of the U.E.C., or United Earth Colonies.

Belarus is about as far from these core worlds as is currently possible. It has the distinction if being the farthest and second farthest colony from Earth. It shares this distinction with Caliope, another moon orbiting the same gas giant. Their orbits carry them in and out of this rank at various times during an 11.2 year cycle. Belarus is slightly better defended than most of the other mining colonies, as it is the home of the imaginatively named Belarium, which is an integral part of current starfaring research.

While common belief has led mankind away from the notion of life “out there”, the U.E.C. is not without its predators. A few colonies have left the U.E.C. and fringe groups of raiders have developed ships capable of attacking less defended colonies for their supplies. These attacks are very infrequent, but it is quite possible that they have prepared these outlying colonies for a far more dangerous threat.

Brendan knew all of this. He knew that he might help defend Belarus against a raider attack. But his thoughts were far from the nature of Belarus as he continued up the high street into the entertainment district. It would be a joke to call Belarus a thriving metropolis. The buildings within the biosphere are very utilitarian, though there are a number of entertainment facilities to keep the miners happy. So far, Brendan had made one friend, and if he was going to find him anywhere, it was here. If he had any hope of finding his brother’s jacket before something happened to it, he was gonna need Dak’s help.

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