My Personal Weight Loss Challenge – Day 1

My pants don’t fit anymore. I had gotten down in size, and replaced most of my pants. None of those fit, and the ones that I kept ALMOST don’t fit. I’m not going to buy a larger size.

So… it’s time.

I don’t have a specific plan. I didn’t the last time, either. But that’s ok. I know what I need to do.

  • No more “occasional” sodas. They’ve become less “occasional” lately, and more “sometimes”. None. Gone.
  • No more Gatorade. If I can’t find the Powerade Zeros that I used to like, I’ll find a new one to like.
  • Cut down on the carby snacks. I’m not giving them up completely, at least not until the Lays contest is over, and they get rid of the Tikka Masala kettle chips.
  • More walking.  I used to get more exercise at my job, and I’ve gotten lax on that.
  • More biking.  I miss my bike.  It’s time to get it all back in shape, and start taking the kids for rides.  I hope the weather clears up in the next day or so.
  • Back to salads for lunch.  I went on a stint of eating a carb-heavy, but cheap, lunch every day, and those are all now gone (Blast you and your crazy sales, Kroger).  So it’s time to stop eating like crap.
  • Make an effort to keep track of how much I’m eating.

My current weight is XXX.  Once a week, I’m going to weigh in, and note how far I am from that original, undisclosed number.  When I get to my target, I’ll reveal the numbers.

Also, sorry for dropping the ball on the creative writing.  I was hoping to build off of feedback, but didn’t get any.  I should have known that, though 🙂  My readership is probably a single digit number 🙂

Anyway, my project starts about 20 minutes ago.  I’m back on the salad track with today’s lunch.

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