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Fatherhood N’ Stuff

Nearly two years ago, I introduced all two of my regular readers to my daughter, Betty.  Not that either of my regular readers need an introduction to her, but that’s beside the point.   It’s been an amazing couple of years, some of the details of which I’ve already touched on.   New job, new home, new this, new that.  Those aren’t the reasons I’m writing tonight.

Being a father has changed a lot about me, I think.  Yeah, I’m still obsessed with board games, yeah I am still pretty scatterbrained.  But now I think about different things when I make decisions.  I give certain things a bit more consideration.   I worry more about keeping myself healthy.

Betty’s almost two now.  She’s chattering up a storm, she’s putting some words together, and she’s always telling us what’s what.  She’s a wiz with an iPad; she figures out the puzzle apps way too quickly, in my opinion.  She’s gone from “Da-ee” and “Ma-Ma” to “Daddy” and “Mommy”, she can identify many of her extended family from pictures, and I swear she saw the words “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” on the channel guide, and said “Daniel!”

Needless to say, I’m a bit smitten.

Our son William Edward (Wil) is due in February.  He’s named for one of my best friends, who left the world nearly 4 years ago at the age of 36.  As we get closer to February, I wonder how my little girl will handle being a big sister.  I never had siblings growing up, so I’m not sure how I would have handled it at her age.  Now, I know she’s still pretty little, and when she’s older, she won’t even remember a time when she didn’t have a little brother, but I still want to be ready for the here and now.

I just hope I can continue to be a good father, and even more important, be a good daddy.

The Documented Life

It’s probably for the best that I’m not a paranoid person.  Granted, the paranoid person wouldn’t  be nearly so transparent.  It amazes me the amount of information that we share about ourselves on a daily basis.   I’m sure that our activities on “free” sites is well paid for in the information that they provide to larger companies and advertisers.  Someone said “You’re not the customer on sites like Facebook, you’re the commodity”.  Twenty year old me would probably begin a scathing tirade about personal privacy and such, but 40 year old just doesn’t care.

I use social media sites like Facebook.  If I just want to comment on something, I’ll say it there.  If I have something I really want to say, I’ll write a post here, or one of the other blogs that I deal with on a very infrequent basis.  But then, I’ll link it on Facebook.  I don’t tweet.  Not cause I find it silly or anything else, I just never think about it.  I don’t “follow” twitter, anymore.  I just don’t have time.  I did for a while, and I tried to contribute, but honestly, I like words a bit too much to limit myself to short bursts of text.

I use sites like BoardGameGeek and GoodReads to catalog my collection, and find out things about other games or books that I might want to get involved with.  I use Facebook and Meetup to organize groups for gaming.

I have an Amazon Wishlist, I have a Netflix account, my facebook profile shows hundreds of things that I’ve “liked”.  It’s not hard to figure out what interests me.  Fine.

I track exercise with Endomondo, I have Moves on my phone, that keeps track of how much I walk during a day.  I have MyFitnessPal to keep track of what I eat, and keep me honest about my diet.

I blog here about my life and thoughts.  I used to write on LiveJournal.   I blog (ugh, when did I start using it as a verb?) on about board games.

For a while, I was using OptimizeMe, an app for my phone that let me track all of my daily activities, but after a month of logging, I didn’t feel like it was benefiting me in anyway, so I stopped using it.

In the past, when people died, it was frequently difficult to find out much about them, beyond census information, family photos, and spoken stories from loved ones.  With the digital age as it is, I feel like it will be easier to paint a picture of our ancestors, if we can see the way they interacted with the world.

Now, my question to you is:  Do you want your future generations to remember you by the things you said on facebook?  When we air our dirty laundry for the world to see, it’s frequently not something we can take back.  I’m nearing 40, and many of my friends from my own generation have kids leaving high school, or their kids have kids of their own.  It pains me, when I see people trash their (currently former) significant other, or defend themselves by slinging more of their own dirty laundry around.  If you want to talk about each other that way, I guess I can understand.  But just remember, someday, your kids will be able to look back through your profile on Facebook.

Brain Droppings (with apologies to George Carlin for using his book title)

As usual, it’s been a while since I’ve updated my 0+ readers with updates in my life.  You’ll not get any current updates today, either.  There’s been something old on my mind lately, and I think the best way to address it, is to write it out.

I’ve been reflecting on my hobbies, old and new, lately.  In the early 1990s, I latched on to the BBS scene, running up ridiculous phone bills, meeting interesting people, running my own BBS, writing my own utilities, and more.  I think I did that from 1991 to 1993 or so.   It was a hobby that I shared with a few of my close friends at the time, including my co-sysop, Bill.  Over the last several days, I’ve been watching a documentary on the BBS culture.  Until now, I don’t think it occurred to me that I joined in at the tail of its heydey, how deep its history was, and how insignificant my presence there was.  Today, there’s no record of my BBS on the web.  There’s no reference or notation of the addons that I wrote for Legend of the Red Dragon.  There’s no mention of my old bbs handle.  And, dammit, there’s no [wb_fb_f name=”co-sysop” id=”WilCurry”] around for me to swap stories with. Continue reading Brain Droppings (with apologies to George Carlin for using his book title)

A few thoughts

First, I’ve noticed that I have a habit of posting “Part 1” entries, and never finishing them. Oops. So, this is just going to be a bit of an update.

I started the new job in June, classes started in August. I’ve been there just over 4 months now, and I’m loving it. I’ve helped get a board gaming club going at the high school, and I’ve started hosting events every two weeks at the local public library. It’s still a bit slow going, but it at least lets me teach a few games.

Betty’s growing so fast. She’s babbling, crawling at lightspeed, and pulling herself up on things to stand up. Two teeth, with more on the way.

My third anniversary is coming up in a few days, but we won’t be able to celebrate it until the weekend. Not sure what we’re going to do yet, but I’m sure it’ll be something fun.

My game design projects are stalled. The new job has kept me busy, and I don’t spend much time after work on a PC. Hopefully I can get back to them soon, but if not, so be it.

Ch.. ch… ch… ch… changes (Part 1)

A lot has happened since I introduced all two of my readers to Betty Jean.  Today, I’ll try to catch up.

Shortly after she was born, we visited Jamie’s hometown, and spent a few days with her family.  For the first time, the thought occurred to me, that I could be happy living there.  This was early March.  We talked about it, and came to the conclusion that maybe a year down the road, or around Christmas, we’d start looking at getting away from our long-standing home.  We mentioned it to our respective mothers.  Hers, to let her know we’d like to bring her granddaughter closer to her, mine, to let her know that we’d like to take her with us, when we go.

Continue reading Ch.. ch… ch… ch… changes (Part 1)

My silence

I’ve not posted much lately, on any of the blogs where I’m journaling 2013. I have a bit of an excuse, though. I’ll be posting some on Adventures in Renovation, in a couple of days. Quite a bit has happened. The flooring has been done, and the nursery has been painted. Speaking of the nursery…

I’m sitting in a hospital room with my lovely wife, while they get ready to induce her labor. Within the next day, I will be meeting my baby girl for the first time.

Needless to say, I’m in a bit of a daze.

More coming soon 🙂

Adventures in Renovations – Part 1

I’ve made a lot of progress at getting the former storage room/future nursery cleared out.  With luck, I should be able to get that finished late tonight, or early tomorrow.  Part of the process has been going through a comic collection and culling a LOT of stuff that I don’t need, which I am taking up to the shop, to sell for a dollar apiece.

The next step is going to be to move everything from the library into the nursery, so I can put down new flooring.  I’ve never put down flooring, and that’s why this is going to be an adventure.  A friend is going to coach me on the cutting.  I think I’ll do ok with it.  It’s the locking laminate from allen + roth, and I’m really looking forward to it.

The chore, I think, is going to be getting the bookshelves and table out of the room.   Hopefully, once I’m done, the room will look nice enough to take pictures of.

Getting ready for baby

Earlier I mentioned that we are re-flooring a major portion of the house before we are joined by our daughter. Part of that meant removing the carpet that was in our hallway. Once the carpet was out, we decided that the ugly wallpaper needed to go as well.

Removing the wallpaper revealed a few interesting holes in in the wall that needed patched. So, currently we’re at a stage where we have all the wallpaper down, all the holes patched, bare floors, and partially painted trim.

My mother came over after I got off work today, and we finished the trim. Going to take a stab at getting the wall painting done tomorrow evening. I’m sure it’s not going to be a stellar job, but at least I can say “I did that”.

Flooring the library is going to be a chore. The library has eight tall bookshelves lining two walls, a computer workbench, and a large dining room table in the center of the room. There’s also a closet that has an arcade game sticking out of it. I have no idea what I’m going to do with all of it.

Here are a few pictures I took in the library last week while I was cleaning.








The Nursery Project — Part 1

We live in a three bedroom house. You’d think it would be easy to turn one of them into a nursery. I suppose it would, if any of them weren’t filled with stuff. The largest bedroom in the house has, for the last 5 years, been a storage room. We decided this would be the nursery.

I’ve made several stabs at getting it cleared out, but I’ve still not succeeded, though I am making progress. The room has been a catch-all for a number of things. A comic collection, a (dwindling) toy collection (collectible toys), computer parts, and and is also the resting place for anything that came out of the shop either of times we’ve moved or temporarily closed down.

As I’ve been going through this room, I’ve thrown away a lot of things that I kept “because I might need it”, and given away a lot of things that I felt someone else might be able to appreciate more than I can.

I’m trying not to be such a packrat. I don’t collect comics like I used to, I don’t collect toys at all anymore. I turn down opportunities to expand those collections. I’ve been going through the comic collection, trimming it way down, and taking books up to the shop to sell.

I’ve still got a lot to do in that room, and I hope I can get through it soon. Time is running out,