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Day 05

A slight departure from the Gestalt themed stories today.

Paul glanced behind him as he walked up the dimly lit street.  He knew the way, but he also knew what lurked down the alleys.  Once upon a time, it had been him.  Those days were long behind him, but he was sure he’d find an enemy or two that he made, if he looked.

His picked up his pace as he walked past The Spin, a record store well past it’s prime.  If he hadn’t been in a hurry to reach his destination, he would have paused, not to peer in the window, but to stare at the ruins across the street.  He had always had a fondness for the old place.  But now was not the time.

Onward he moved, past empty lots that he still remembered as something else, past construction sites that always seemed to be construction sites, not buildings.  A restaurant or two, a condemned building.  Here, he paused.   He stared at the boarded up windows.  He wondered who (or what) lived inside it now.

He continued, his destination now in sight.  He let up his pace a bit, and looked around.  Another empty lot, though he remembered when a junk store had stood there.  A narrow monolith further down, where he had honed his craft.  Yet another empty lot.  He still remembered the blaze.  

He continued past another monolith, with another memory or three.  A few doors down, the sound of rock music played from an open door, the lights inviting.  Even this place held a plethora of memories.  He glanced back up the street, and let the memories flood over him again.  Then he turned, and continued past the open door, on to his destination.

Writing Challenge, My Way

I’ve been thinking about doing one of those 30 day writing challenges, but I looked though several pages of suggestions, and nothing struck my fancy.  As I was drifting off to sleep, an idea popped into my head.  So now, rather than sleep, I’m going to get the idea down here, so I know where I’m going with it.

As I started to write this, it was still Saturday, May 7.  I’ll set the challenge to begin on Sunday, May 8, and run until Tuesday, June 7.  We’ll see how well I stick to that.

The premise:  Each day, I will tell a portion of a story.  Each portion will not necessarily be told in order, but by the time it is all done, there should be at least a coherent narrative.  Each day’s segment will establish something new about one of the characters or about the setting.

Here’s where my friends and readers come in:  After each segment, I would love feedback from you.  It may influence future segments.

Ok, now that I have that down, I must retire for the night.  Mother’s Day is upon us, and I need to try to rest up so I can try to make the day pleasant for the mothers in my life.

I’ll leave you with this, the first (pending) line of Sunday’s Day 1 installment.

It wasn’t even that nice of a jacket.

On the Ancestry of Imaginary Tigers…

I admit it… I love Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Betty loves to watch it, and I loved Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood (She watches that with me, too). one of the things I love about the show is how they’ve made allusions back to the original Neighborhood of Make Believe.

If you’re not familiar with Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, it takes place in an evolution of the Neighborhood of Make Believe from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Daniel Tiger is the son of Daniel Striped Tiger. His friends are the children or nephews of Mr. Rogers’ mainstays. Miss Elaina is the daughter of Lady Elaine Fairchilde, O the Owl is the nephew of X the Owl, Prince Wednesday is the son of King Friday XIII and the younger brother of Prince Tuesday. Katarina Kittycat is the daughter of Henrietta Pussycat. Henrietta and X still live in the same tree, and Daniel Striped Tiger (Daniel’s dad) works in a clock factory. Daniel’s mom (known only as Mom Tiger) was not one of the original series characters.

Some liberties have been taken with the characters, of course. Grandpere, in the original show, lived in the Eiffel Tower (west of King Friday’s castle), and had a granddaughter who lived far away, named Colette. Grandpere was never related to Daniel Striped Tiger, but now he is his father. There are a few others, but this is the “discrepancy” that I’d like to address.

While Grandpere has been established as Daniel’s paternal grandfather, I have an alternate theory. One of the characters who has not returned is Ana Platypus. In the original show, Ana once looked into a crystal ball and saw that Daniel Striped Tiger would eventually marry Colette.

My theory is that Grandpere is not the original Grandpere, but the *son* of the original, and the father of Colette (or “Mom Tiger”).

So, as you can see, I have far too much time to think about the Neighborhood of Make Believe.

Random thoughts about Doctor Who

I’ve been watching the original series lately, going all the way back to the 1963 series, and William Hartnell’s performance, misspoken dialogue and all. And while some of the stories would be considered “hokey” by today’s standards, so are some of the new series.

Last year, they did a dramatized recounting of the creation of the series, starring David Bradley as William Hartnell, who really did a wonderful job portraying the actor. This left me thinking: The current series now has the opportunity to cross the current incarnation with his “original” self, with David Bradley portraying the First Doctor. This would allow them to revisit some of the iconic early stories, like the first encounter with the Daleks, or the Keys of Marinus.

Four Years

Jamie and I have been together for around eight years.  As of today, we’ve been married for four.  It is the longest relationship I’ve ever been in, or ever will be.  We’ve been through a lot, and we’ve weathered it beautifully.

We’ve seen a lot of friends come and go.  Kent, Amanda, Jaclyn, and more.  And we’ve come and gone, as well.  Leaving behind Kevin, Amelia, Randy, Robert, and many others.  I uprooted her when we first got together, bringing her to Vincennes, and we uprooted again last year, and now we’re where she grew up.  To our friends that we’re not around anymore, we miss you.

Since we married, we’ve discovered new things that we like, remodeled our house, brought an amazing little girl into the world, brought my mother into our household (twice technically), changed jobs, passed our business on to new hands, moved, said goodbye to our boys (the dogs), changed vehicles, had our hearts broken, moved again, tried to sell our old house (still trying, and folks, it’s a bargain.  Call me) and are now preparing greet our son, as he joins our family.

It’s been an amazing rollercoaster, and no, it’s not all been shiny-happy, but I wouldn’t change a single thing.